The Mass Muderers of Mankind

img_4550-1「2017-02-27」 According to study by Hawaii University, the top five mass murders of mankind are Mao Zhe Dong of China, then Stalin of Russia, the western colonization rank 3rd, German Hitler came to forth and the evil Chiang KaiSheh whose Nationalist Party short kMT still linger on in Taiwan, cone to five.

Chiang Kai Sheh is accountable to 10 million death.
人類歷史五大殺人魔, 按照夏威夷大學研究,毛澤東排第一,斯大林排第二,殖民主義第三,希特勒第四,蔣介石第五,拍末坐只殺了一千萬人。
Genocide 與 Democide – 種族屠殺與百姓屠殺


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