An TW-7080 AV Creativity System

An TW-7080 AV Creativity System

I am sure nobody know what the file extension .mp3x is, not to be surprised, I just invent it. Everybody know mp3 and simply reasoning would allow you to guess it is a kind of extension of mp3 with the addition of a x at end. Well not to far away.

The system is under development so any glitch or user unfriendliness shall be forgiven.

1. Reasoning

YouTube must be the most popular video showcase and we do enjoy watch large number of high quality videos as well as tons of very rush and randomly put together videos. It’s a free platform suitable for all kind of creative activities. Professional high quality video cost a lot to make so it occur to my mind the question of : is there any way one can produce decent video without costing an arm and a leg? Is amateur DIY high quality video possible?

An video is a minimal 16 frames per second and the file size of the video can not possible be small, even for small screen. Thus my experience watching youTube on web page is not good, it;s often get interrupted during the show. The only way to have un-interrupted video is download apk / app on local device which can then do a lot tricks to make watch a pleasure.

An AV show on the other hand is not a video, it is still pictures show that made to look a little bit closer to video in the continuity of the show. It is much closer to a power point show.

2. Theory of Operation

An AV which we call it .mp3x show is a sound track, a number of pictures and a written words for thought put together as a show. The the sound track is a song with lyric, it is obvious that it can but don’t have to replace the written ideas.

The sound track provide the base and a script would need to be created to tell the system when to show the lyric or written words, and another script would be created to tell the system when to display a given picture. In a HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript based web system, the timeline is in unit of second. Many of the dazzling features of rapid cut effect of a video can not be achieved in an AV show but the visual quality of still picture surely far better than the video.

These scripts can technically be created by hand but a set of tool is under develop to make the creator life easier.

3. A Demo

Well, you never hear the country Taiwan you should be ashamed of yourself, go to do your home work. This demo is a popular Taiwanese language singer who has won a few top awards for the country folk singing. A fantastic woman after all the stage glories now open a bread shop with some vision in her home town, Yilan.

Demo21 – 曾心梅 感情放一邊

4. What For?

Not sure, it was a technical challenge to see how far I can make a web site sing and dance as I tell it to; and indeed during the process, I conclude that it is possible to produce very high quality and versatile show using Web technology.

In the initial phase I will invite some friends to test out the tool to make such show and if it is proved to be useful, maybe open the tool to others, who know! It is still a long shot.

5. Tools Developed So Far

These tools will soon be open to small number of friends to try creativity work as my system is purely a personal grade.

A tw_7080_composer.html is to start a project
A tw_7080_runner.html is for public to store work
A tw_7080_showtime.html is for sharing an individual work

6. Further Development

The picture fade in and fade out mechanism in due course shall be improved that the fade speed can be individually controlled and may be implement different way of fade. The voice over on a sound track probably can also be done by voice synthesizer and voice over on line. That would help lot of people who has no idea how to put voice over a sound track.

On line recording of voice clip is another tool that could be useful so that real voice can be used instead of synthesized voice.

Like video, download pictures to web page is still a problem, so you will notice play second time look a lot better. That is because your web browser buffer the pictures for you. In any case, a much better pre-load mechanism need to be invented.



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假如蘋果爛了怎麼辦? 赤裸裸的世界

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台灣進步秘訣 72 – 台灣隊的運動國旗與運動國歌

台灣進步秘訣 72 – 台灣隊的運動國旗與運動國歌 [2016-10-4] 萬事開頭難,我寫了幾篇文章呼籲台灣應該有一套代表台灣的圖騰 ( 台灣進步秘訣 49 – 從美國國歌事件看台灣圖騰, );空谷回音,YouTube 上看到民視新聞報導,台灣一個民間組織,「民報藝術基金會」 發起徵求民眾設計奧運的國歌與國旗比賽,太好了,與我心有戚戚焉!( )。 我的立論是 (1)制定一系列代表台灣的圖騰,從台灣國旗,台灣國歌,台灣國花,台灣國草,台灣國鳥,台灣國蟲,再仔細還有沒有其他的代表性象徵物,(2)通過設計比賽或是其他方法,選出六個決賽者,(2)通過民意的公投,網絡實名投票選舉決定,「台灣百姓的共識」 也可以說是 「台灣百姓的最愛」。 從百姓最愛,到民間共識,等到有一天,選出一個有勇氣的政府, 官方正式採用,這裡面有一個辛苦的過程。有詩為證。「夾縫求生台灣國,不怕雨淋不需躲,一葉知秋千萬心,勇往直前修正果」。 民報即將舉辦的奧林匹克台灣代表旗與代表歌比賽是非常好的想法,但是要它有真的影響了,可以學習澳大利亞的國旗案例。方案很平常大家都懂的:廣泛說明三個月不停的在媒體上說明這件事,給三個月時間繼續宣傳,同時有獎徵求作品,評選團選出六個決賽者,讓全民公投決定才會,有實質的 「民意基礎」。廣泛說明非常重要,它是一個核心的民眾教育機會。電視上說找吳念真評旗與林昶佐評歌,似乎有點輕率。 蔡英文的手腳被綁住,外來壓力美國與共產黨,內在壓力,中間選民的徘徊,加上台灣還沒有完全鏟除的國民黨賣台勢力。所以從蔡英文的立場,不管她心理怎麼想,她必須有 「民意」… Read more “台灣進步秘訣 72 – 台灣隊的運動國旗與運動國歌”

HIV 導致 AIDS 死亡 – 國民黨黨產就是 HIV

HIV 導致 AIDS 死亡 – 國民黨黨產就是 HIV [2016-9-29] HIV的英文是 Human Immuno-deficiency Virus , AIDS的英文是 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome , 台灣的翻譯經常有神來之筆,叫它為愛滋病。簡單的說 HIV 是病原體,我們免疫系統的克星,而 AIDS是得病的症狀。 今天 BBC 引用科學雜誌的報導說,研究發現身體帶有 HIV… Read more “HIV 導致 AIDS 死亡 – 國民黨黨產就是 HIV”

台灣進步秘訣 69 – 無需政府的農業政策與無土栽培

台灣進步秘訣 69 – 無需政府的農業政策與無土栽培 [2016-9-29] 很多人都聽過 「二廣械鬥」 這名詞,說廣東中國人與廣西的中國人,歷史上曾經有大規模矛盾。五千年中國歷史為政權你殺我,我殺你,不奇怪;但二廣械鬥好像不是政治鬥爭! 剛讀到印度的二個村莊,為大自然,理論上不屬於任何人,的河水水資源,吵得不可開交,才意識到二廣械鬥估計也是很單純的人類問題:土地與水資源爭奪戰;加上不容易獨佔的陽光,構成三個生產農作物的基本條件。 (The villages at the heart of India’s water dispute, )。 百姓之間為資源,土地與水,大打出手沒有什麼值得討論,打完架累了,年輕好鬥的死的差不多了,人類自然會找出與鄰居和平共處的方法。一種相處模式也許可以維持幾年,也許幾十年,等到一個孔武有力比較貪婪的 「英雄」 出現,二個群組又會打起來。 當資源的爭奪提升到國家層面,那就如同印度與巴基斯坦的水資源糾紛。這就有可能把百姓械鬥轉變成國家戰爭。( Why India’s water… Read more “台灣進步秘訣 69 – 無需政府的農業政策與無土栽培”

台灣進步秘訣 64 – 雅虎被盜與政府信息公開

台灣進步秘訣 64 – 雅虎被盜與政府信息公開 [2016-9-22] 雅虎與創辦人楊致遠與台灣有點淵源,所以台灣用 Yahoo 郵件的人口比谷歌的 Gmail 多。閱讀今天的頭條新聞雅虎 2014 有五億郵件信息被黑客盜走,一股很難聞的魚腥味,充滿空氣中。雅虎發言人當然呼籲 2014 來沒有改變密碼的客戶趕快行動,而且強調信用卡資料沒有被盜。(Yahoo ‘state’ hackers stole data from 500 million users, ) 。大人的世界,即使信用卡資料被盜,他們也不會告訴你。這點看看台灣林全政府,如何極盡所有腐敗的招數,保護兆豐與樂陞經濟犯罪,包庇台灣的財經幫,就可以知道。絕大多數的腐敗用 「客戶保密」 「保密協議」「機密資料」… Read more “台灣進步秘訣 64 – 雅虎被盜與政府信息公開”

台灣進步秘訣 62 – WI-FI 也是無產階級革命

台灣進步秘訣 62 – WI-FI 也是無產階級革命 [2016-9-15] 應該不會有人懷疑互聯網是現代人最主要的知識來源。隨著網絡智慧教學技術不斷的發展,有識之士已經提出警告:將來學校老師的角色是什麼?老師只要教導人與人之間的互動,禮節道德,或者是身心健康方面的議題嗎? 老師要面對的是一些,在知識上懂的比老師多的小孩,會有的尷尬嗎?老師與學生的關係會是什麼樣子? 八年前我們構想了一個產品,玩笑式的代號叫 「也是無產階級革命」 。 當時的想法是,就如同空氣對百姓的免費的,上網也應該也是免費。所以窮人無產階級的孩子與有錢人的孩子一樣,才會有一樣的公平從網絡上獲取知識的機會。社會地位生活品質依靠知識改善, 窮人翻身靠知識,知識靠網絡,這不就是無產階級革命嗎? 產品的構想不複雜。在 WI-FI 路由器上提供二個上網的介入管道 (SSID ),一個是不需要密碼的讓任何在你家附近的人都可以連接上網;另外一個必須要有密碼,保留給自己私人使用。二個網段切開不會有洩密的問題。這是一個理想的境界,人人都無私的奉獻,你幫助我,我幫助你,不管你走到那裡,總可以連接到附近陌生人家的 WI-FI 上網。從實際的上網速度看,讓你家附近的幾個給陌生人連接,不會對你有真的影響。 這產品的開發後來給取消了,原因是所有公司同仁都認為,人是自私的! 在公共場所使用不知名的 Wi-Fi 越來越不安全,最安全的是使用只有自家的 WI-FI 與自己手機直接通過電話上網。以個人為例,iPad 沒有電話,通過… Read more “台灣進步秘訣 62 – WI-FI 也是無產階級革命”